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tampere university

Greetings fellow space geek or maker!

Castor is the student space technology hobby club at Tampere University. We provide our members with a spacious club room and a lot of tools and knowledge for learning and having fun with space technology and other kinds of hacking and making.

The activities of our club consist of casual meetings and different types of organized events, such as excursions, movie trips, rocket launching and rocketry courses. Our club room is SI011, where we meet every Thursday at 18:00 in the school year.


Interested in building your own rockets? We have a license to sell rocket motors, and hold the small course where you can get yours to buy them. Come launch a few with us!


Quadcopters? Hexacopters? FPV? Many of our members have constructed copters and fly them. If you’re interested in getting started with your own, we can give you the tips to get it done, and you can assemble it with the Cave’s tools.

3D printing

Our club room hosts Megaprinter, a self-made printer with the largest work area in Pirkanmaa. In addition, we have a Prusa for smaller work. We have extensive experience in 3D-printing and modeling for printers!


The Cave is full of Arduinos and other microcontrollers, and we like using them in all kinds of small projects. We’re more than happy to help you or give some project ideas if you have any interest in them!

Leisure activities

The Cave has a lounge with a big project screen, drinks and food. We gather to watch any bigger rocket launches, go to the movies when there’s something space-related, and celebrate Yuri Gagarin’s day every year on the 12th of April.

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